About Me

Hola! Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my personal blog.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luis Reginaldo Medilo and I'm a 40-something guy from the idyllic island of Bohol in the Philippines.

I'm currently working for myself as the owner and editor of Tech Pilipinas, the Philippines' digital lifestyle and technology magazine. This website is my labor of love, born out of my lifelong interest in computers and technology.

Before I started Tech Pilipinas, I was a freelance writer who worked for a few US-based content firms. I was also a freelance web designer who developed and maintained the websites of several local and international companies.

I've now quit writing and designing websites for other people because I have so much fun with blogging. It made me feel like I'm no longer working; instead, I'm enjoying my career as a content creator helping my readers navigate the increasingly complicated world of technology.