In this page, I'm proudly presenting the projects I'm busy working on.

Tech Pilipinas

I started Tech Pilipinas in late 2017 and grew it into one of the biggest technology blogs in the Philippines.

Tech Pilipinas has over 400 published articles and is getting over 700,000 pageviews per month. The site is primarily monetized with display advertising. Affiliate partnerships and push notification ads generate a small percentage of the overall income.

This blog is my bread and butter and will continue to be for a long time, unless someone buys it from me for a life-changing sum of money. 🙂

Hide Any Page

Hide Any Page is a WordPress plugin that, as the name implies, lets you hide any page from your website visitors and search engines such as Google.

Hide Any Page is useful for "thank you" and download pages, or any other page that you want to make private.

The plugin also adds noindex meta tags to prevent search engines such as Google and Bing from indexing the page and including it in their search results.

Safest Domain Search is a web application that allows you to check the availability of domain names safely, securely and privately.

If you are worried that your registrar will snatch your domain name idea before you can register it, then you can use Safest Domain Search to prevent that from happening. The application doesn't log any searches and data will never be sold to third parties.